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As a writer and content creator, this is where I believe I will have some of the greatest impact on this world. In the past I have written some of everything from blogs, to plays, to articles, to short films and everything in between. My passion for writing was essentially birthed out of a burden and passion to communicate messages that would meet people’s needs. Whether it was a need for discovering one’s purpose, or wrestling with one’s own faith, or simply struggling with the question “why”, I’ve always strived to use my writing as a means of helping people to flourish in their own lives. Below are some of the most important things I’ve written or created thus far.



"A person often meets his destiny on a road he took to avoid it.”

Jean de LaFontaine


In life we sometimes run from what it is we were meant to do, and although God often uses people and situations to get our attention, we keep running. And many times it isn’t until we hit a brick wall that we stop and take heed to that voice that’s been calling us all along.


Legacy follows the journey of David Thompson, a young attorney working at the law firm started by his great­-grandfather. Everything about David’s life had been laid out for him by his father who followed in the footsteps of his father, from the college he’d attend, the career path he’d follow, to him eventually taking over the family’s prestigious law firm. But as events begin to unfold in David’s life he must confront the idea and feeling that his life has been meant for more than simply going to work, earning a paycheck, and going about life as he’s always been expected to. Over the course of the play David wrestles with that decision to either follow the Lord’s leading into the unknown or simply continue going to work to earn a paycheck and possibly forfeit the real purpose for him being here.


In life there are many voices that influence our thoughts and decisions (good or bad). Most times, these voices are quiet and subtle but can have very LOUD consequences. That advice from your mother, that compliment from your coworker, or that "it’s OK to cheat" from a television show can all create small cracks in an unstable foundation that can lead to a flood of destruction.

Whisper follows Lex and Mia Ellis, an attractive and driven couple striving to reach the next level in their respective careers. In their marriage however, they’ve reached a decision point: are they better together or apart? They come across a life coach, Dr. Luke, who appears to have the key to help them figure it all out. But when they begin to follow his advice things take an unexpected turn--one that makes them reevaluate everything that they believe about life, about themselves and about their marriage. This story of love, deceit, betrayal and blind ambition will leave audiences intrigued and wanting more.

Blind Vision is a powerful and poignant play that illustrates the blindness that most people walk around with today, a blindness to the spiritual world that impacts so much of their everyday lives. Told through powerful acting, song and storytelling, Blind Vision describes not only the impact this unseen spiritual world has on people, but the power we have over those spiritual influences. "I would hate to live in this hell (here on earth), only to die and go to hell to then discover I had power over so many of the difficulties and challenges I faced in life....if I only knew," says one of the characters in the play. I think this is still one of the most powerful plays I’ve ever written, even to this day. 



"The Long Walk" (c)

The Long Walk is a visually compelling short film told without a single word ever being spoken. It's a story illustrated through character, action and imagery that's sure to get at the depths of your emotions and feelings.

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